Seasonal Dangers

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Seasonal Dangers


Dead limbs:  Once called "widow makers," large dead or broken branches can detach suddenly and fall on people, vehicles, or structures (often puncturing a roof).

Hollow Trees:  Often not observable except by a small hole, hollow trees present substantial danger, especially in a wind storm, and may fall over onto a house.

Overhanging branches:  Branches that hang over or lean close to a house pose a danger during a ice or snow storms.  Branches touching your house will cause wear damage to shingles and siding.

Split trunks:  Trees that divide or split into two separate trunks are particularly susceptible to breakage in years of heavy foliage or hurricanes.

Root rot:  Some root diseases slowly kill the roots with little sign of stress in the canopy.  These cause large trees to be uprooted in heavy wind storms due to a greatly reduced root system. 




*****  Protect your home investment with proper pruning, dead wood removal, and tree spacing. *****

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